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Arita Tea ware to enjoy fresh tea & Japanese designs

Roxxor is one of the last Dutch company's who are distributing original Japanese Japanese Arita ware.
This porcelain designs are made by hand and it shows beauty, perfection, and love in all designs.
Dating back to 1616 celebrating now the year 2016 for 400 years of this craftsmanship.

All our teapot are available with a same design drinking mug.

Japanese Hospitality (CHR) consepts

Sake Set

Roxxor project support is specialist in Japanese Hotel & Restaurant professional Tableware working with 4* & 5* High end concepts.

We present our new surprising concepts to enjoy the Japanese kitchen.

On project base we will reach your new concept in to an idea and needs. We aim to reach your specific goal under constraints in terms of time, resource and quality.

Your project big or small, luxury or standard, individual- or overall our team is there to support you.  

We look forward on our contact to show you the beauty of our concepts.

Houtskoolbarbecue MADE IN JAPAN

Houtskoolbarbecue MADE IN JAPAN
Ideaal voor Hotel en Restaurant gebruik. 

  • Voorzien van handgrepen
  • Lucht regel schuif
  • Gaas raster
  • Vuurvaste Isolatie steen
  1. Staal frame
  2. Optioneel houten serveer blad
  3. Kleur rand zwart

Deze serie komt in verschillende uitvoering.
Van 2 tot  personen.

Voor operationeel gebruik, adviseren wij originele houtskool vanuit Japan.



This series of ice tools are the great way to prepare your ice shape. Ideal for banket, Restaurant, Hotels.

Our supplier Next Japan has over 50 years of experience,
to supply the products needs related to Ice treatments.
For Hospitality daily use by chefs, and Ice masters.

Ice Saw, include safety case

Size                27 cm total 43.5 cm
Weight            1200g
Material Lid    Steel & wood
Made              in Japan


Ice Machine KAKIGORI Japanese Snow maker

This Icemachine is a great way to make soft now ice.
Old styled but entertainment overal.
Great to use it at the Hotel Poolside, or your restaurant.

Operation: manually by means turning the wheel to scrape the ice block to make the powder snow ice.
This machine has the capacity to make ice from 3kg per minute. The machine is made of a durable construction for everyday use.

• Sheaf capacity 6.0 LBS per minute

• Size 63.5 CM HIGH X 30.48 CM BR X 39.1 CM DEEP

• Ice cube 1.3 KG Max


• Includes foot care and bake

Simon Levelt Japanse thee sets uit Arita Japan

Maruco serie

Met trots staan de Arita thee sets deze maand in het huisblad van Simon Lévelt.
Deze mooie thee sets sluit extra goed aan bij de beleving van verse thee.

De producten zijn voorhanden in al de winkels van Simon Lévelt. 
Simon Lévelt heeft meer dan 40 Koffie & Thee speciaalzaken in Nederland en België.
Daar kun je kiezen uit ons zeer uitgebreide en steeds wisselende assortiment.
Voor elke smaak en elk moment van de dag heeft Simon Lévelt een passende thee. Afkomstig uit alle windstreken.

Steamer & Rice Cooker

STEAMER & RICE COOKER healthy way of Japanese cooking

The COOKPOT series by product designer Toshiyuki Kita has been crafted for maximum user friendliness, including such features as a special handle that can be grasped from any angle.
The series includes: a Casserole Pan for hotpots and stews, a Rice Pan, a Steam Pan for sukiyaki as well as steamed dishes, and a Stew Pan (Large and Small). To use on all hob type.

Feel free to contact us on distribution 


Great choice of shapes, capacities and handle designs.
Stellar Life time Guarantee
SV60 / Sv63 have pleasant whistling tones
Top quality stainless steel with Thermic, induction ready, suitable for all hob types

Enjoy the styling