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Great choice of shapes, capacities and handle designs.
Stellar Life time Guarantee
SV60 / Sv63 have pleasant whistling tones
Top quality stainless steel with Thermic, induction ready, suitable for all hob types

Enjoy the styling 

ARITA Gastronomic tableware with custom-made Japanese dishes

This special range is designed by a selected group of family’s from Japan’s who can rely on a long family history to design your ideal tableware.

Gastronomic tableware with custom-made Japanese dishes.
Japan’s first porcelain, known as Arita porcelain, was produced at the beginning of the 17th century and subsequently exported to the countries of Europe, where it was praised as a “white jewel” by the continent’s royal houses.

David Mason Design a wide range of Kitchen products

David Mason Design was established in London in 1962.

David Mason Design has long been a successful supplier of award winning acrylic and wood pepper and salt mills.
David Cowan designed the world's first clear acrylic pepper mill in 1975 for his previous company, Cole and Mason.

David Mason Design has a wide range of Kitchen products.
The Salt and Pepper Mills are designed to be hard-wearing, durable and stylish.

Japanese Style OYA STONE

Today we focus in on the OYA stone tableware.

Beside our daily business selling Table and kitchenware we like to share our experience of the Japanese way of inspiration on serving food.

Oya stone can is Transforming Japanese tableware to chefs kitchenware on the new level. For the use together with food there is an protection coating on the surface of the stone.

Oya stone is made from nature stone and hand shaped. It comes in different shaped plates, from sushi plates to bowls.